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ICGDE 2020

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Assoc. Prof. David Grau

Del E. Webb School of Construction, 

School of Sustainable Engineering and The Built Environment, 

Arizona State University, USA

Research area: 

Sustainable Engineering, Environment 

Title: Advancing Sensing and Computing Technologies for the Environmental Management of Energy and Water Infrastructure Systems 

Abstarct: This keynote presentation will inform of recent research efforts that leverage cutting edge sensing and computing technologies for the environmental management of energy and water infrastructure systems. The operations and management of such infrastructure systems still rely on error-prone, time-consuming, and inefficient field data collection and manual extraction of information. Infrastructure system characteristics of geographical spread, remote and inaccessible locations, weather exposure, or coexistence with nature challenge the efficient life-cycle management of infrastructure components and their surrounding environment. However, the combination of novel data collection technologies and advanced computing algorithms offers a tangible opportunity to collect and process large amounts of information automatically in support of informed and timely decisions. Examples of remote sensory data include satellite, airborne, and mobile raster datasets, LiDAR point clouds, or magnetic field measurements collected by magnetometer mounted on aerial vehicles. Recent studies will illustrate this keynote presentation. Thus, the automated generation of vegetation pruning volumes around overhead electrical conductors with morphology and geometric reasoning mechanisms or the inference and classification methods to identify encroachment violations along infrastructures right-of-way will be discussed.


Prof. M.Suleman Tahir

Vice Chancellor 

Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering and Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan

Research area: 

Chemical Engineeirng and Environmental Technology

Title: Green and Sustainable Conversion of CO2 into Value Added Products 

Abstarct: Currently world is facing one of the critical situations engendered by the depletion of Non-renewable fossil fuel at an intense pace and an increase in global warming due to extensive release of CO2. Value‐added hydrocarbon fuels can be obtained using CO2 photocatalysis under visible light irradiation. The active research has tremendous potential to provide a green fuel and at the same time lessen global warming by reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. This talk will encompass the research on various methods/techniques to control CO2 emissions. Different methods for controlling CO2 emission specifically its reduction into solar fuel will be discussed. This lecture will also include details about the merits and demerits of various methods available for CO2 reduction. This will give a useful guideline about selection of the appropriate method and material for this purpose. Finally, different technique with focus on the reactor design and the activity of the catalyst using photoreactor will be discussed which are contributing towards Green Methanol era for the upcoming generations.

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September 152020


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September 16, 2020


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September 18-20 , 2020

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